Historic aviation and motorsport fabrication and repair
Sheet metal fabrication
Specialist (mobile) welding (CAA Approval most types)
Tubular steel and monocoque repair


Current CAA approvals held for Mild steel, Corrosion resisting steels (Stainless) and Aluminium.

Universal airframe jig, 20’ long, this will accept most tube airframes up to Piper Cub size, and is used for general repairs / straightening /longeron replacement / bracket replacement etc.

Universal chassis jig, 10’ long, used for jigging and straightening
¾ monocoque and tube chassis, can be extended for full chassis
if required.

Welding equipment, 2x AC/DC Tig sets, 1x Mig, 1x Spot, 1x Gas,
Plasma cutter.

Paint shop, 30’ x 15’ well lit, with extraction.

Along with all the normal shop equipment, we have a fairly comprehensive list of tube notchers, tube grinders, corner notchers, guillotines, English wheel, straight blade and box pan folders, Rolls x3, radius formers, manual lathe and mill, fly press, cut off saws, drills, blast cabinet etc.

We are able to outsource manual / CNC machining and Laser cutting at a competitive price for in house work.